Did You Know?

Tiki PawsSumatran tigers are the tiniest species of tiger in the world. Sadly, their numbers are tiny too. Today, there are less than 500 Sumatran tigers left in the wild. Learn more about these tiny tigers.

Here are some fun facts about Tiki and his tiger friends in the rainforests of Indonesia:

• Fossils show that tigers lived in Indonesia two million years ago.

• There are less than 500 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild!

• A group of tigers is called a streak.

Swimming Tier

Tiki and his friends love to swim! Photo Source: Auckland Zoo

• Tigers’ tails are three to four feet long.

• Sumatran Tigers are meat eaters. Their diet includes deer, pigs, young rhinos, snakes, and tapirs. They can eat up to 40 pounds of meat in one sitting! However, they can survive for days without food.

• Of all six subspecies of tigers in the world, the Sumatran Tiger (that’s Tiki!) is the smallest, weighing approx. 250 lbs.

• Tigers are nocturnal. They see six times better at night than humans.

• Tigers have the largest canines out of any land-based carnivore.

Baby tiger!

Sumatran tigers are smallest tigers in the world. Photo Source: ZooBorns

• Tigers are excellent swimmers, and they have webbed paws to help them swim faster.

• Tiger cubs stay with their mothers for 18 months before they are able to hunt for themselves.

• Since they are top predators, Sumatran Tigers are important because they maintain the balance between all animals and plants, predators and prey within the forest ecosystem.

*Please see our bibliography for our primary and secondary fact sources.