Halloween with Tiki the Tiger!

Click here to download Tiki Adult Mask

Still need a Halloween costume? Want to be the cutest, sweetest, tiniest tiger in the whole wide world AND help save rainforests?

You can be Tiki the Tiny Tiger!

A costume with a cause: download and print your very own Tiki mask! This Halloween, download a free Tiki mask (there are kids and adults sizes). You can even pass out Tiki bookmarks when you go trick-or-treating to help spread the word about Tiki.

Even if you already have a costume, you can still take a picture in the mask and send it to Tiki@ran.org to help show publishers how many of us love books AND rainforests. Either way, have fun with this mask, and let us know how it goes.

Tiki is the Rainforest-Free Paper campaign’s new Spokestigerrrr and he needs your help to protect his endangered home: the rainforests of Indonesia. Currently, there are less than 500 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild, so we’ve got to act fast. Right now, we are focusing on telling book publishers to stop making children’s books out of destroyed rainforests. Have you signed the petition yet?

Learn more about Tiki and how to help save Indonesia’s rainforests here. Teachers, download Team Tiki class kits today!

Sleuthing for Rainforest Safe Reads!

Hello friends!

Apparently you can’t always tell a rainforest unsafe book by its cover, but you can tell a rainforest safe book by locating a few key labels. Rainforest safe books are printed on:

  • Post-consumer recycled paper
  • FSC certified paper
  • Recycled paper

So when you buy a book, look for these labels to check if it’s Tiki-certified! I certify environmentally safe books that don’t destroy my home!

As you know, my little roar isn’t heard by many people and I need your help to find out what companies and publishers are destroying my home. But first I need to find out what books and companies are not! There is just one problem…I am all the way in Sumatra.

That’s where you come in.

Will you help me by sleuthing your local bookstore for rainforest safe book titles? It’s a perfect activity for World Rainforest Week, coming up on October 17-23. It will be tigerrrrific! You and your friends can be detectives in search of FSC and Recycled symbols!  When you find a rainforest safe book, give yourself a paw-on-the-back and write down the title and author. The more books your find the longer our rainforest safe reading book list will be!

From there, I am certain we can find out what companies are destroying my home and together we will roar loud and clear for my home, Indonesia’s rainforests.

Sign up here!

For my home,

Tiki, The Tiniest Tiger in the World