Help Show Your Love for Rainforests on Valentine’s Day!

This is your frrriend Tiki the Tiger and I need your help!

Can you (and your class, if you are a teacher) send valentines to a company and tell them to have a hearrrrrt for the world’s rainforests??

A big company called Cargill Incorporated is having a harrrd time realizing how important it is to protect rainforests!

Tell Cargill: "HAVE A HEART!"

Their CEO is named Mr. Gregory Page and he needs to hear from YOU what really matterrrrs: rainforests! Rainforests provide homes for animals (like me!), plants and trees. Rainforests keep our planet healthy and cool our climate. Can you tell this guy to have a heart and stop cutting down rrrainforests?

Well why is his company cutting the rainforest down?” you might ask… Good question! Cargill imports palm oil into the United States. Palm oil comes from a certain kind of palm tree. Cargill wants so much palm oil that they are cutting down the rainforest to make more room for giant oil palm farms. Then palm oil gets put into all kinds of stuff: soap, lotions, even candy bars and cookies!

We might like some of that stuff too, but not enough to cut to the rainforest! Fortunately YOU can made a difference.

Make a Valentine forrr Gregory Page, Cargill Inc. CEO telling him to HAVE A HEART for the world’s rainforests.

Send it to him at this address:

Gregory Page: CEO, Cargill Inc.

PO Box 9300
Minneapolis, MN
United States

If you wanna take a picture with your whole class holding up their valentines to Cargill, we would LOVE to see your great work! Please get perrrrmission to share these photos, and we can post them on Tiki’s blog! You can email photos to:

Thanks! Together we can save Indonesia’s rainforests!

Tiki The Tiny Tiger

Thanks! Love, Tiki