Trees For Tomorrow, a natural resources specialty school accredited by AdvancEd, is located in the beautiful outdoor classroom better known as the "Northwoods" in Eagle River, Wisconsin. The focus of Trees For Tomorrow is to place people of all ages in direct contact with the natural resources that humans depend on. 

Classroom time with science based study combined with active, field study in the surrounding nature rich areas lends to:

"A Natural Resources Education Experience That Lasts A Lifetime!" 

Students of all ages leave a Trees For Tomorrow workshop with a renewed interest in the outdoors, sustainable practices, newly learned skills, friends, and connections with themselves and the natural world we live in.


procter & gamble boys Trees For Tomorrow workshop exploring Sylavania Wilderness


These lifetime experiences could include:

  • Kids learning to cross country ski for the first time!
  • Road Scholar® adventurer canoeing with a grandchild!
  • An adult photographing sun up to sun down in a variety of different nature scenes!
  • A teacher learning survival skills to educate their own students during the school year or learning first hand what it takes to manage a logging site!
  • Local children looking for bugs in a nearby lake as they study water quality!
  • A business group taking a break from a meeting by working on their team skills!

Road Scholar Intergenerational Outdoor Adventure at Trees For Tomorrow in Eagle River Wisconsin


Students investigating the stream during a Trees For Tomorrow workshop

A New Website for EWCL

More than a decade ago, while in Australia for a koala conservation workshop, the two of us initiated a conversation about the challenges faced by early career wildlife conservation professionals.  We believed that individuals entering the wildlife conservation field had enthusiasm and book learning, but sometimes lacked the opportunity to get basic skill sets and networking opportunities necessary to successfully advance in the profession.  That discussion lead to the creation of the Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders program, fondly referred to as EWCL by the many who have been participants in –or sponsors and instructors for –this unique leadership training program. EWCL is now in its seventh year of training and boasts 60 graduates with an additional current class of 22 trainees.

After being housed for years by supportive host organizations like Defenders of Wildlife and the International Fund for Animal Welfare, we are very excited to announce the launch of the first independent Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders website.  It was created as an in-kind donation by the very talented web designer and animal-lover Kevin Powers.  The website contains information about EWCL and the on-the-ground conservation projects completed (and on-going) by EWCL participants.  It also contains summaries of the different training sessions and bios of the current and past participants, the Board, and the Alumni Group.

Also on the site is a new EWCL informational video created by long-time EWCL supporter and talented videographer Lisa Hugueley – another in-kind gift.  The new Caribbean EWCL training (for which we will be accepting applications this month) is being introduced on the site for the first time as well.

We hope you enjoy learning more about EWCL and the important conservation projects it supports.  Creating and working on EWCL for the last ten years has been a labour of love for us both, and we’re looking forward to many more years working with the Board, the funders, the speakers, the alumni, and the future leaders in wildlife conservation who will be part of this exciting effort.

-Jeff Flocken & Nina Fascione